Untying the Knots of the Heart is for everyone. God has used UTK to transform the lives of those struggling with substance abuse or depression, as well those who seem to “have it all together” and have been serving as pastors or missionaries for 20+ years.

All of us as Christians deal with inner life issues and difficulties at different times in our lives. UTK may be a good resource for anyone that might identify with something on the list below:

  • Relational problems, depression/sadness, anxiety, sexual sin/brokenness, disappointment, conflict, grief or loss, emptiness, divorce or marriage issues, past abuse, addictions, difficulty forgiving self or regrets, emotional turmoil or numbness, anger or temper, disordered eating, or past hurts.

Yes! We call it the “Worth-Your-Time” Guarantee.

Here’s how it works: If, after leading a group as prescribed, you feel like it wasn’t worth your time, we’ll refund the money for your leaders kit.

Depending on the schedule you choose, Untying the Knots of the Heart takes between 8 and 12 weeks. Typically, each group time is between 2.5 to 3 hours.

The cost of Untying the Knots of the Heart is $95 per participant. If your group goes on to do Part 2 of UTK, the cost is $85 per participant.

As a ministry, we will never let the price be a barrier for someone to participate in your group. Scholarships are available – please contact us for more information.

Sure thing! We have an online facilitator resource center where you’ll find countless helpful videos and digital facilitator guides. Helping others overcome spiritual and emotional barriers is a team effort, and we’ll be here every step of the way to help. 

You’ll also get your own dedicated coach/mentor, whom you can contact with questions anytime. 

That’s entirely up to you! Any location where you will not be interrupted or distracted is great. Feel free to host at a home, in your church, a library – just make sure it has a TV or projector, and internet. If you’re leading a mixed-gender group (with one male & one female facilitator), you’ll need two separate spaces to break up for gender-specific group discussion times.

Absolutely! Having a co-facilitator can provide flexibility and additional support

We limit group sizes to maintain a safe group environment. This also ensures there is adequate time for each participant to share their life story. For a single-gender group, there are typically 4-6 participants. In a mixed-gender group (with a male and female facilitator), there are typically 10-14 participants.

No, it’s not. Untying the Knots of the Heart is a discipleship process that many have found to have similar counseling-like effects.

If you’re struggling with a significant debilitating life issue, it may not be the season for you to lead a group like this. It may be more beneficial to have a ministry leader you trust start a group in which you can participate. If you have specific questions about this, please feel free to send us an email or schedule a short discovery call.

The price of the leader’s kit is $95. It includes an Untying the Knots of the Heart workbook, lesson videos, our online facilitator training, a personal coach/mentor as you lead your group, and access to our full facilitator resource library.
*As a bonus, we’ll also include the Untying the Knots of the Heart Part 2 workbook, training, and videos.

There’s no pay for serving as a group facilitator. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other benefits.
  • You’ll help individuals experience the healing power of God
  • You’ll see marriages transformed, relationships healed, and lives changed
  • You’ll strengthen your own relationship with Christ
  • You’ll grow in your own understanding of God’s Word and be able to share it with others.
  • You’ll make lifelong friends
The list goes on and on!

Part 2 covers the “now what?” of the UTK process. Participants are equipped with a practical set of tools and perspectives that help them better understand and manage their emotions, desires, and pain more effectively. It gives participants Biblical approaches to navigate life’s daily relationships and pain, while consistently experiencing God’s joy and peace. You can read a description of the modules by clicking here.

You can schedule a 10-minute discovery call with us here. We can’t wait to chat!

Ready to get started?

Not Ready to Lead?

Go deeper with God by joining a group

FAQs from home page

What UTK teaches and touches on, is saturated in scripture. In fact, it is scripture that allows participants in this process to go deeper with the gospel, so Christ can transform every area of their life. We strongly believe God’s Word is the answer. The Bible alone defines who God is, who we are and what life is about.

To read more about our statement of belief please click here. You can also schedule a short call with us to ask any questions you have by clicking here.

All you need is to: 

  • Love God
  • Love the Bible
  • Be comfortable facilitating a small group
  • Be ready to make a difference. 

Important – You probably won’t enjoy facilitating a UTK group if you are very uncomfortable with:

  • People’s messiness 
  • People processing their heart and issues versus quick fixes
  • Entering discussions with people about their losses, hurts, and stories
  • If you want to just “teach” a class or bible study

You don’t need to know all of the Bible or have significant experience in a small group setting. If you want to take people through a process rather than just “teach”, this is for you. Anyone who loves God, loves people, and wants to make a difference in their community can be a great facilitator!

Rest easy – it’s not all up to you. Facilitators are just that, facilitators. They rely on the Holy Spirit, the group discussion, and the content to open hearts and do the deep meaningful work of Untying the Knots. 

Before each class, group participants read that week’s lesson and answer a few questions in their workbook so they show up ready for a rich group time. 

In the first half of each group, you’ll play a brief video – pausing to ask discussion questions, lead group exercises, and engage in learning activities. 

The second half of the group time dives deeper into understanding and sharing participants’ own stories and life experiences.

Many Christian resources lead us to try to change our behavior or circumstances without addressing the root causes. UTK is a dynamic, interactive process that helps people address the source of their sin and struggles, rather than offering a “band-aid” or quick fix. 

We all know that information alone doesn’t change people. UTK takes the life-changing truths of the gospel and helps participants identify the areas in which the gospel is not being fully integrated or lived out in their lives. 

Untying the Knots of the Heart

is not:

  1. Your everyday small group curriculum or Bible study 

    • It’s a dynamic and interactive process, where participants learn to unpack who they are in light of who Christ is.

  2. Taught like a class

    • UTK is not just another source of information. Using interactive learning techniques, UTK is a unique journey where both facilitator and participants can process, learn from each other, and experience healing.

  3. Group therapy or counseling

    • It’s a discipleship process that can have similar outcomes

Thanks for asking! Understanding an organization’s beliefs and convictions is critical before getting involved – we totally get it. You can check ours out here. Also, you can schedule a call with us to ask any questions you have here.